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If a surgeon cannot see a tumor clearly, he or she cannot completely remove it.  The best outcome for cancer patients who are candidates for surgery is complete removal of all cancer. Akrotome's probes allow surgeons to see the whole tumor and its margins clearly, enabling a more complete resection of diseased tissue.

Akrotome has been awarded $1.77M by The National Cancer Institute for the commercialization of a topical probe for margin determination in skin cancers.

Akrotome develops smart, fluorescent, activity-based molecular probes that illuminate cancer tissues.

Akrotome Imaging

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In the Clinic

  • Rapid Activation
  • Exceptional signal-to-background ratio
  • Flexible Administration
    • IV Systemic
    • Topical in vivo
    • Topical ex vivo
  • Integrates seamlessly into the OR workflow

By "lighting up" cancer tissues, Akrotome's probes enable surgeons to see tumors clearly and to identify where the tumor ends and healthy tissue begins.

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Akrotome Imaging, Inc.

Akrotome's probes are designed with the flexibility that surgeons demand. Tailored to fit seamlessly into the workflow of the OR, our superior signal-to-background performance enables definitive visualization of diseased tissue and comprehensive margin identification

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While other probes require large IV doses given hours before a procedure, our probes can be used in the OR topically in vivo and ex vivo, activating in minutes.